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These little critters’ only goal in life is to source food and water. They feed on wood and cellulose-based material and operate at all hours, never taking a moment to rest! This is not good news for Australian homes living on the in or on the outskirts of these heavy bush land areas. Although many homes are often pretreated against termites and the havoc that they bring, these nasty little creatures have been known to find ways around it. Treatments usually entail chemical barriers that are placed in-between the soil and concrete area of your home and can be effective at slowing down the destructive process. 


If you know that your home is at risk for termite damage, it's highly recommended to implement a management regime to ensure that there’s no activity going on unbeknownst to you. Signs of damage occur when activity has been taking place for a while, so it’s best to avoid this altogether. 


We are leading providers in the pest control industry, saving many family homes from catastrophe with our premium treatment control systems. So if you’re residing in Newcastle, Hunter, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast area and are aware of the risk you face, what’s next?


Your home is likely one of your most prized investments and to save yourself from a great loss, the first precaution to take is to implement annual timber inspections and treatments to aid in the protection of your home’s structure. Between annual checks, it's important to stay on the alert and know what signs to look out for that may indicate termite activity in the home. 

Act Fast If You Detect These Signs

When you knock on your wall, does the wood sound hollow and seem frail to you? Termites attack from the inside out, leaving just a thin veneer behind, a sure indicator that they’re attacking your home. 

You should also be on the lookout for remnants of tiny wings or flying termites, as this indicates that the males and females have left the nest to find a suitable mate. Worst case scenario, mating is taking place within your home! 

Another sure indicator of termite activity is the mud nests that can be found on the interior or exterior walls. These are otherwise known as ‘mud leads’, which are tunnels that the termites build to protect themselves. 

If you‘ve spotted any of the above, get in contact with Revolution Pest Management to get the issue under control. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can take extra precautions and safeguard your home against the risk of damage.

Ways To Minimize The Risk Of Termite Infestation

Termites thrive in moisture-dense environments. For this reason, you can take charge of your home's fate by eliminating as much moisture where possible. This entails good quality drainage mechanisms such as piping and drain-gutters to help divert any water away from the foundation of the structure of the home. 


It's suggested that you ensure that as little shrubbery, vines, and other flora are growing over your home’s structure as possible, covering key ventilation points. Furthermore, you can check that no old roots or tree stumps are growing close to or underneath the structure. 


Where possible, eliminating as much wood contact with the soil is going to be a game-changer as it makes a point of entry to the delicious wood a lot more strenuous and out of the mite's direct pathway. 


To avoid massive and costly problems, implementing regular annual inspections is always going to be a must. Ensuring that you have trusted specialists that you can rely upon will serve to streamline the process, making it painless and hassle-free.

Why Choose Us?

As leading competitors in the Pest Control Industry area regarding several kinds of pest control, we have developed the necessary tools and know-how to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and at affordable prices. 


We are committed to ensuring positive results for your family home, leaving no stone unturned until we have vanquished every last unwanted guest. 


Termite infestations are a common problem, making us well-versed in taking on these sorts of projects. Our knowledge is ever-evolving regarding delivering premium pest control management with every treatment. Our termite control starts with a complete home inspection, which is recommended for every home and commercial structure. With the best technology and a team of well-trained experts, we will save you from all potential termite disasters.

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