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The Standalone Termite Solution

Whether you have a Termite problem right now or want to prevent one from ever happening, the Sentricon system helps take and keep control of your home. 

Termites cost Australian homeowners more than $100 million every year, with an average of 32% of mainland homes being attacked. Eliminating termites is essential. Homeowners want termites gone and don’t want them to return.

Sentricon System

The Sentricon System consists of Above-Ground and In-Ground stations. Sentricon stations are loaded with a hexaflumuron bait matrix and installed where termites are known to be active. This may be within a structure, on a tree stump, on a fence, etc. The most important attribute of hexaflumuron, the active ingredient in Sentricon, is that it eliminates the termite colony. This means that the source of the problem, or the threat to a structure, is conclusively gone. Hexaflumuron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor which prevents termites from moulting. If a termite is unable to moult when nature intends, the termite dies. When worker termites feed on Sentricon they pass the active ingredient to other members of their colony through a behaviour called trophallaxis. Trophallaxis is the transfer of chemical messages and nutrients between termites. It also serves as the pathway by which hexaflumuron is shared throughout the worker termite community. Colony elimination is essential in ensuring that the termites are gone and will not return.

The health of their family and pets was a key contributor to wanting an alternative to chemicals

Sentricon Vs Chemicals

You want to protect your home from termites, but need to decide if you want a bait or liquid treatment. See how the Sentricon System works and learn about the differences between Sentricon and chemical treatments.

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