What Makes Annual Pest Control In Maitland So Important?

Updated: Jan 25

Pest control should be seen as an essential part of property maintenance. In Australia, where pests of all shapes and sizes run rampant - infestations can easily be overlooked until they've developed into severe problems. By then, your property may have already suffered extensive damage, or you may be dealing with an infestation that is out of control - insect and rodent populations can multiply rapidly.

Annual inspections and management plans can save a lot of money in the long run; there are several advantages to pest control in Maitland, New South Wales.

Mailand Pest Problems

A range of factors contribute to Maitland's pest problems - warm, dry summers cause low-density landscapes that attract snakes and other wildlife; this, in turn, invites fleas, ticks and bird mites.

Ongoing urban developments have forced pests to adapt to life in residential areas; you'll often find redback spiders hiding under outdoor wheelie bins.

How Often Should You Contract A Pest Control Solution?

To efficiently deter common pests, you should have routine pest control treatments performed on a quarterly basis; Serious infestations require monthly treatments for a period of 6 months.

However, the recommended frequency for pest management will vary depending on your location, building size or seasonal weather conditions. Calling a pest control service for routine inspection will help you formulate an annual pest management plan that is ideal for your home.

Benefits Of An Annual Pest Control Plan

There are several benefits relating to cost-saving and putting your families health and well being at the forefront.


A structured, year-round pest management solution will end up costing less in the long run. For example, don't get caught by two surprise infestations in one season when both can have been avoided; the call-out costs will exceed the price of routine inspection and prevention methods. In addition, some pests, like termites, cause structural damage to your property requiring - this brings its own set of costs ad hassles.

Healthier Household

Some pests are simply annoying, while others are downright hazardous and detrimental to your family's health. Rats, for example, carry snd spread illness; they carry germs in their faeces which trigger an allergic reaction when released into the air. The atmosphere and appearance of your home can improve drastically with pest control - no more foul odours, cobwebs or sweeping up bug carcasses.

Fewer Pesticides

When A technician works out a maintenance plan for pest control in your home - after one initial treatment to the interior, most follow up appointments only require external treatment. Only follow-up inspections need to be performed inside, which means less exposure to chemicals and pesticides in your home.

Most pest problems go unnoticed until it's too late; our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home to identify potential threats - from there, a custom treatment plan is designed and implemented.

Trust in Revolution pest management for a tailored pest management plan - we also have a variety of packages to suit any property during any season.

For effective pest control in Maitland, call us on 4057 0249.

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