We’re All Brave Until We Realise The Cockroach Has Wings!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Ok, you managed to capture it under a container and have secured it with duct tape and have left a nifty note saying, “Huge and scary bug I was either too scared to kill or may have let escape” to signal danger to everyone else around. Spread throughout the house are another 20 of these bad boys. Or is it that pesky mosquito determined to sing you the song of its people every night for the foreseeable future, mocking you as you swat relentlessly without resolve? Sounds like you need pest control in Maitland?

The Purpose Of Pest Control

Pest control is the method of reducing or annihilating pests that cause disturbance to your lifestyle. Having these methods in place are important in cases where the pests pose a threat, carry harmful diseases or cause damage to your home.

Things To Consider When You Need Pest Control Services

Finding a professional pest control company can be as easy as one, two, three and will most certainly be a more effective approach than the booby traps you’ve set up to catch that rodent seemingly sent from hell. Here are five important things to consider before hiring your doomsday prepping neighbour on the “fly”:

1: Are the chemicals used safely if you have children or pets?

2: Are there insurance plans should something go wrong?

3: Do you need to vacate the premises completely?

4: What is the cause of pest growth in your home?

5: What is the durability and effectiveness to avoid re-infestation?

Helpful Tips To Keep Your House Pest Free

Stay ahead of the game and give yourself a fighting chance by practising these tips daily to avoid having those uninvited guests in your home.

  1. Keep your kitchen surfaces clean. Leaving crumbs or small traces of food around your kitchen is like leaving a giant neon sign welcoming insects into your home.

  2. Use airtight containers for storing food and refrigerate as needed.

  3. Keep your trash can free from organic waste or ensure a tight lid on the trash can. Replace refuse bag daily.

  4. Clean sheets and bedding periodically. Sweat and humidity in your bed is the perfect habitat for pests. Washing them at least every two weeks will help eliminate infestation.

  5. Use natural insect repellent around your homes, such as Marigold, Catnip, and Citronella.

Nobody wants to lock eyes with a spider mid-shower or stumble across an army of ants devouring your secret stash of candy. With Revolution Pest Control in Maitland, you can be assured that peace and order will be restored to your home. For professional, efficient, and exceptional pest control, call us today!

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