Keeping Local Businesses Safety Compliant With Bird Proofing Pest Control In Newcastle

Feral pigeons and other bird species can cause more of a problem than you may expect, especially around the workplace.

It's what they leave behind that can become problematic. Their fouling, nesting materials and carcasses all offer possible health and safety risks for employees, customers and contractors who come into contact with them ‒ whether directly or indirectly.

Bird proofing is the most effective solution for pest control in Newcastle for businesses to ensure the well being of anyone utilising the premises.

The Hazards Associated To Feral Bird Fouling In Proximity To Businesses

Feral birds don't just leave an unsightly mess; they can create dangerous environments.

  • It presents a potential slip hazard, which might lead to injury and further lawsuits.

  • If the stairs on a fire escape route, at any point, become obstructed by bird fouling or nesting materials, this puts the employees at risk in the event of safe evacuation of fire drills. It also means the building can be faulted during safety inspections.

  • Feral birds nesting in roof drainage systems is likely to cause blockages, leading to unwanted water infiltration, leaks, dampness and mould-related damage.

  • Bird fouling has an acidity to it that has the potential to cause erosion to building stonework or exteriors, as well as damage to paintwork and glossy finishes.

  • Ceiling spaces with the potential to house large flocks have been known to collapse under the weight of nesting material left behind by an infestation.

  • Bird fouling has the potential to spread viral diseases within flocks, some of which can be lethal or life-altering. A further concern is zoonotic diseases, which can be passed from birds to humans. Studies show at least 60 different types of zoonotic diseases exist between birds and humans, some potentially life-threatening.

Bird Proofing Services For Newcastle Businesses

Professional bird proofing and removal services are the most effective method of pest control in Newcastle for local businesses to minimise property damage and eliminate the hazards associated with a feral bird infestation.

Birds often gain access to a building via loading bays or broken roofs. Using efficient bird deterrents at the first indication of an infestation can assist in keeping your property safety compliant and in excellent condition, providing the best possible environment for your business to thrive.

At Revolution Pest Management, we offer an effective range of non-toxic and humane bird proofing and dispersal methods as a form of Pest Control in Newcastle. Call us now on +61 2 4057 0249. and speak to one of our friendly team members to book your appointment.

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