Indications Of Pest Infestation As Season Changes in Newcastle. Pest Control Is Vital To Prevent Out

Updated: Jan 25

An infestation is defined as "an unusually large number of insects or animals in one place, typically causing damage or disease." Commercially, within schools, healthcare facilities and foodservice outlets in Newcastle, pest control services would be dispatched at first sight of a single cockroach or rodent. However, the trouble with household pests, often you don't notice them until a full-blown infestation is underway.

Below we explore some of the causes of pest infestations and indications of pests in the home to ensure swift intervention.

What Causes Pest Infestation?

Pests are attracted to your home for several reasons.

  • Seasonal weather changes

  • Food and water shortages

  • Loss of habitat

In many areas of urban development, natural habitats become converted into malls, suburbs and office parks. As a result, food and shelter become scarce, forcing insects and small animals to seek refuge indoors.

As the season turns and the weather becomes warmer in Newcastle, expect an influx of pests as they emerge from their winter hibernations in search of convenient sources of food, water and shelter.

How To Identify A Pest Infestation

The presence of pests leaves telltale signs. If you learn to identify an infestation quickly and contract a pest control service to assist, you can avoid significant property damage, disease, or outbreak.

Pest Droppings

A classic sign of pest infestation, droppings and urine trails, especially for rodents, are easy to spot. Insect droppings are more difficult to spot but keep in mind that they also shed and discard their wings, skin and body parts.

Grease and Grime Build Up

Rodents tend to travel along the same paths, leaving a greasy trail along the walls and floors. It's also possible to spot track marks and trails left behind on dusty surfaces and windowsills.

Signs of Damage

Plants: Keep an eye out for insect trails and signs of gnawing on the plants and trees outdoors. Damaged, uneven or dead patches of grass are all signs of infestation; it could be moles, beetles, locusts, crickets or flies.

Structural Damage: Any unexplained property damage is cause for concern; infestation can be signalled by gnaw marks on furniture and electrical wiring or holes in the walls or floorboards. Make a habit of examining the bases of wooden decks for signs of termite damage.

Fabric: It's not only moths that cause damage to clothing and linen. Beetles, ants rodents also like to chew through vulnerable fabrics. So if you notice any damage, dirt marks, droppings or grease on your laundry before you've had the chance to use it, you may need to investigate further.

Strange Odors

You can identify different pest infestations by different sets of unpleasant smells. For example, rodents give off an ammonia smell; cockroaches give off an oily or greasy smell; bed bug infestations have a particular musty odour. You may even notice the smell of decomposition from a wall or ceiling.

Evidence Of Nesting

Rodents make nests from whatever they can find, paper grass clippings and fabrics. It's a good idea to regularly check discreet hiding spots like underneath furniture or appliances or behind cupboards and underneath floorboards for signs of nesting. Wasp nests, hornet nests and beehives are easy to identify and often appear in chimneys and verandas.

Unusual Sounds

When pests move around, they make noises, listen out for strange noises in the ceilings, walls and floors. Any licking, tapping, rustling or buzzing that is unaccounted for can be a sign of rodents or insects in your home.

The risk of pest infestation is higher with the season changes in Newcastle. Therefore, pest control services should be dispatched at the first sign of pests present in your home before an outbreak occurs.

Here at Revolution Pest Management, we offer a range of professional pest control services, always keeping the safety of your family and pets in mind. Servicing Newcastle and Surrounds, we have the solution to any of your pest problems.

Give us a call on 02 4057 0249 and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

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