Residential Pest Management


Pest Control is a vital part of any home, investment property, caravan, boat or office maintenance plan. Some unwanted pests may be invisible to the eye, and you may not even know you have a pest problem until it’s too late.
Revolution Pest Management offers expert pest control and general pest treatment services. We ensure that pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants and german cockroaches don’t damage your home or health.
Trust in Revolution Pest Management to provide expert services to eradicate these pests. No matter the time of year, or type of property, our team can take care of your pest problem.

Having pests in your home can pose a danger to your family’s health and the integrity of your property. Termites can damage wooden foundations and furnishings, while rats and mice can spread disease. Poisonous pests such as spiders can inflict deadly bites. This is why it is essential to realize the danger of pests and see them more than just an inconvenience.

When making use of our residential pest control services, our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your property to look for any potential pest problems. From there, we will design a customized treatment plan that will get rid of existing pests while preventing further pest problems.

We use a general pest treatment for most issues but our methods vary depending on which pests you have a problem with.


General Pest Treatment

From $154

Spiders, Cockroaches (excluding Germans), Ants

Interior/exterior, ceiling and subfloor voids (where applicable), fence lines and council bins.

Flea Treatment

From $150 per treatment

If you have cats or dogs, you may experience a flea problem at some stage. Flea pest control usually takes two treatments. Dealing with a flea problem also involves cleaning the infected animal, as well as your bedding.


German Cockroach Treatment


Large Cockroach Treatment

From $154

A cockroach problem can be challenging to manage as they always come back. Cockroaches are not a one-time treatment, but reducing food sources and keeping counters, floors and bins clean can help in keeping roaches away.

Ant Treatment

From $143

As there are so many different types of ants, different pest control methods are needed for each type. Ants can take over fairly quickly and are often attracted to anything sugary in your home. While keeping surfaces clean may help to an extent, the only way to really keep ants away to get in pest control professionals.


Rodent and Mice Treatment 

From $154

Rats and mice can spread disease and also cause damage to your home by gnawing on various furniture and structures. These rodents also breed extremely quickly so one mouse can turn into an infestation overnight. If you suspect the presence of rodents in your home, it’s best to get in pest control professionals immediately.

Spider Treatment

From $154


End Of Lease Treatment

From $99

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